Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jeep Stroller

Noah is enjoying his new umbrella stroller. It is so much lighter and easier to stroll than the larger, bulkier one. We went for a walk and when we pulled back up to the house, Noah was out! He sleeps well on the go. On a side note, I discovered another tooth today, so he is up to 5 baby teeth!

Beautiful Saturday

This past Saturday was such a beautiful day! Clay had to work during the day, so Noah and I ran errands in the morning. We went to Wal*Mart and got Noah several things for his eight month day! He got a new outfit for Easter, some brown sandals, new sippy cups, baby Hanes socks (just like Daddy's), and some apple Wagon Wheels (baby rice cakes). Clay came home later in the afternoon and grilled some yummy pork steaks and sausage for us! We enjoyed the afternoon and ate our dinner outdoors.
Noah enjoyed picking the grass and putting it in his mouth!
A neighbor moved and left this swing for all the kids to use.
We're excited about using it a lot this summer!
Here's Noah eating one of his Wagon Wheels. He had such a busy time outside, he was ready to come inside for a snack!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Noah's First Jungle Gym

We were at the mall today and decided to see if Noah was ready to play in the mall playground. He really enjoyed sliding down the slides and sitting in the tunnel. Maybe it was more fun for me and Clay. We can't wait for Noah to run around and play!

Here he is sitting in the tunnel...
... with a beautiful smile!
What a sweet and slobbery kiss!

Noah's New Buggy Pals

Clay, Noah and I went grocery shopping on Saturday. We bought this neat cover to go in the front basket of the buggy and decided to try it out. It has a comfy pillow for Noah to rest on and lots of fun toys attached to the front. It also doubles as a tummy time mat. He loved riding up front, grabbing at every object down the aisles!

This is the end of the shopping trip. He is just like his daddy. He hates any kind of shopping!
... Also just like his daddy. He loves to eat!

Noah's First Adventure with Finger Foods

Noah made quite a mess with his first attempt at self feeding. He just about devoured this biting biscuit. This is one of my new best friends. It sure keeps Noah busy in his high chair while I'm busy cooking and washing dishes! Yea for finger foods!

Noah Visits PaPa and GranDee

(This Post makes more sense if you read "A Trip to Grammie and Pop's House first. Sorry about that! Also, sorry it has been so long since I posted anything. There are several posted today so enjoy!)
Spring Break continued with a trip to Dry Creek to visit PaPa and GranDee. We enjoyed some fantastic grilling, and a visit with the Campbells and the Glasers on Monday night. On Tuesday we went to Kinder to visit Noah's great-great-great Aunt and Uncle who share a room at the nursing home together. They have been married for 75 years! MeMe came over on Tuesday night and brought chicken spaghetti. GranDee cooked a wonderful breakfast on Wednesday morning before we headed home.

PaPa and Noah in their baseball caps. Noah is getting ready for his first full season of Astros baseball!
GranDee and Noah enjoyed playing in the floor together. Noah will have all the toys in the world around him, but will want to play with whatever is in our hands, such as the remote, the cell phone, a drinking glass, etc. Oh, the strangeness of babies!
GranDee blew bubbles to Noah and he caught them. This was great fun! An activity that we will definitely do in Fort Worth!
Noah had a great visit with his great grandma, MeMe!
Noah enjoys playing in the toy car at PaPa and GranDee's house. Grandparents always have the best toys!
Thanks everybody for a great visit!

Trip to Grammie and Pop's House

Our Spring Break was filled with fun, family and of course food! We started our trip by attending one of Uncle Landon's baseball games. Pops, Clay, and Uncle Jake fried fish for us on Saturday night. We enjoyed a wonderful worship service on Sunday at Bible Baptist. Grammie treated us to Faustos where Noah tried baked potato and a Fausto's roll.

Noah is ready for bedtime. Pops is trying to rock Noah to sleep. He did not want to sleep at all. He was up and ready to play!
Noah with his pal, Uncle Landon. We enjoyed watching you play baseball!
Noah loves his new Elmo Hokey Pokey doll. Thanks Grammie for this great find!
Noah is so happy to be with his Grammie and Pops. They are the best!
Noah always enjoys being with Nana and PaPa. They are the greatest great-grandparents!
Four Generations: Nana and PaPa, Pops, me, and Noah!
Noah says Yea! for Aunt Kaykie. Thanks so much for the cute outfit and baseball cap. I can't wait for Noah and Carson to wear their matching outfits together!