Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Trip to Pops and Grammie's House

Pops cooked a great gumbo on Saturday night for everyone. We had many visitors and Noah was a hit!
Noah was asleep when this picture was taken. He loved visiting with his PaPa Mitchell, his Great-Aunt Kay, and his Uncle Landon.
Thanks Aunt Kay and Uncle Ray for making the trip to see our little man!
Noah loves his Aunt KK and soon-to-be Uncle Jake.
He even enjoys spitting up his lunch on them!
Thanks for playing with me!
Noah loves to be held by Aunt KK. Can't wait to see you!

Noah with his Aunt Sandy. Thanks for holding me!

Noah enjoyed visiting with cousin Josh.
Thanks everyone for making our trip so special!

A Trip to PaPa and GranDee's House

Noah took his first camping trip this weekend. PaPa sat up the tent in the screened-in porch, complete with toys and many onlookers. Noah had a great time "toughin' it" during his first camping experience. Thanks PaPa for a great adventure!
Noah loves visiting his PaPa and GranDee!
Noah enjoyed seeing his Uncle Clint and Aunt Amanda. He can't wait for his little cousin to arrive!
Noah with his Uncle "T-Dawg" and Miss Sara. Noah enjoyed seeing his uncle play football.
Thanks everybody for making our visit so special!

Uncle Landon's Football Game

Noah enjoyed going to his Uncle Landon's football game. Here he is with his Pops, Grammie, and Uncle Landon. Noah's mommy, daddy, and Uncle Clint were also at the game.

We are so proud of #34!

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Noah was being fussy this morning so I put him in his swing to enjoy the music and rocking. Within a few minutes he was out! Isn't he so cute?!

Doogie Howser in the Making

This is one of the fish on Noah's Kick and Crawl Aquarium. In the "Happy Saturday" entry, you can see Noah batting at the fish. He works so hard every day doing his "exercises". This week Noah learned to push the orange button on this fish to make it play a short melody! We were so proud of him. We showed him how to push the button and now he has learned to do it himself! We clap and praise him so much. He just smiles so gleefully. I think we might have a prodigy on our hands!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Splashing Around

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This is one of Noah's favorite times of the day. When I dress him after his bath he keeps flailing his arms and kicking his legs. I think he still thinks its bath time! Also, in the morning when I wash his face, he starts smiling and moving his arms. He thinks this is bath time too! He makes everything we do so much more fun!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Saturday

Look how hard Noah is playing. He loves to kick the ball and hit the fish on his Kick and Crawl Aquarium. He did this for several hours this morning. Noah is quite the entertainer. He would like to send a very special happy birthday shout out to "Aunt" Niki! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Friday, October 13, 2006

All Bundled Up

It has been cool here in the mornings and evenings, so when we went grocery shopping today, we got Noah all bundled up. We put him in a onesie, jeans, and a jacket with the hood on to face the "brutal winds" of Fort Worth, Texas. We thought he looked so cute with his big boy jacket on. After we took the cutest picture ever, we stepped outside into the HOT sunshine. Clay and I felt so silly, but hey now we're prepared for an actual cold day. Oh, and we bought him a jean jacket and a hat and gloves set today. Thanks Grammie for the cash and sweet note!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Noah's Exercises

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This video is from a while back. I just wanted to test it out. This is a video of Noah doing his "exercises". Aren't those the cutest noises?!

Noah's Favorite Babysitters

Our wonderful friends, Jason and Melissa, offered to keep Noah for us so we could go on a much needed date!

Clay and I went to the Botanical Gardens and to eat at On the Border. We had such a great time. Thank you Jason and Melissa!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Our Visit to the Stockyards

Noah and I enjoyed watching the HUGE cattle drive trot by. Not really. It was quite disappointing. There were about eight cows parading on the street for all the onlookers. But hey, we did get to see historic Fort Worth and it was very beautiful.

We posed to take a picture with Big Jake the cow. We acted like we'd never seen a cow before. His horns are quite impressive though!

PaPa, GranDee, and Noah

PaPa and GranDee came to visit us for the weekend. Here they are entertaining Noah while we are waiting for our table at Uncle Julio's. Yum, yum!

Here are PaPa and GranDee with Noah at the Stockyards.
Apparently from the picture Noah had enough sightseeing for one day!

Here they are saying bye to Noah. Thanks PaPa and GranDee for such a great weekend!

My LSU Fans

Clay and Noah both have their purple and gold on.
Don't they look cute? Go LSU!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

2 Month Shots!

Noah went for his 2 month checkup today. He weighed 15 lbs. 6 oz. and he is 25 inches long. Dr. Sampson said that his weight and height are off the charts! He definitely has his daddy's genes. Dr. Sampson also said that he looks more like a 6 month old than a 2 month old!
Noah also had to get his shots today. You can tell from the pictures he doesn't feel well. He does have some cute band-aids though.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Noah slept all night!

Look how happy Noah is. His mom is also very happy and well-rested! Noah went to sleep at 11:00 p.m. and slept until 7:15 a.m.! Yea! We are so proud of our little man. Let's hope that this happens again tonight!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Smiling Noah

This is Noah at two months. We were visiting my parents and he shot us the most beautiful smile!

Camo Baby

Noah is getting so big! He is 10 weeks old today. He weighs 15 pounds and is 25 inches long. He is going to be tall like his daddy.

Noah likes to lay on a blanket on the floor and entertain Clay and I. He kicks his legs and flails his arms. He also makes the most adorable sounds!

Noah loves his bath and gets very upset when it is over. He is even more fun then we ever could have imagined.