Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Random Pictures

we were at the dollar tree on monday and noah was very attracted to the parrot hats. of course we couldn't leave the store without getting one!
this pizza was made by noah! clay and i told him what a good job he did and he clapped for himself. you can tell how proud he is in the picture :)
noah fake crying- silly boy!

Visit with Papa, GranDee and Uncle T

This past weekend was full of fun when Papa, GranDee, and Uncle T came for a visit. We brought Noah to the park, went putt-putting, and ate some interesting Indian food! We ended our visit by going to church on Easter Sunday. Everyone enjoyed spoiling Noah and watching him do all his tricks. He was a great performer and Clay and I could not be more proud of how great Noah did all weekend!

noah loves sliding tummy down on the "big boy" slide!
noah's first experience with putt-putting. papa was a good teacher :)
what a serious little putt-putter

the iles clan

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow Day

Here are some pictures from some of the crazy weather we've had lately. You'll notice on this post it is snowing and Noah has on layers of clothes and in the previous post Noah is playing outside in the sunshine while wearing flip-flops and shorts!
Be sure and watch the video of Noah sledding!!

thanks to our friends jason and melissa for the fun sled!

Crazy Texas Weather

The weather this week was like a roller coaster. It was 75 degrees last Sunday, then snowed on Monday night, got back into the 70s on Tuesday and Wednesday, snowed again Thursday and was in the 60s and 70s for the rest of the weekend. We can't figure out whether to use the air conditioner or the heater!
These pictures are from Noah enjoying the warmer weather. He used his Wal-Mart card from Pops and got a bubble machine. When we used it he said "puppy" and "bubbles"!