Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Day at the Museum and Park

* It has been quite a while since I've posted any new pictures. Noah has been keeping us very busy crawling all over the house. There isn't much time left for blogging! Sorry everyone! Be sure and check out all the new pictures! There are several new postings.
Yesterday Clay, Noah and I had a fun filled day going to the Fort Worth Science and History Museum and playing in the park. We ended our day by baby sitting for some friends. Noah enjoyed playing with 10 month-old Madi. Four year-old Lydia helped us cook homemade pizza and Reese's peanut butter cups!

Noah and I looking at a dinosaur exhibit
We missed out on viewing the main dinosaur exhibit. It was closed for construction :(
There was a special Baby Room for Noah to play in. We put him in the floor and he went to town, eating the blocks and banging on the piano!
Here is Noah sitting in a car at a pretend ATM.

Clay and I enjoyed helping Noah slide down the slide. Notice, he has one shoe on. This seems to be a pattern lately!

The Railroad Festival

Noah and I went home to DeQuincy for a visit last week. We had a great time visiting with Pops, Grammie, Aunt Kaykie, Uncle Landon, Nana, Papa Mitchell, and PaPa Iles.

On Saturday we took Noah to ride some rides at the Railroad Festival. I met up with some good friends from high school and their little ones. What a good reunion!
Noah and I rode the carousel together. He had a blast!
Noah with his two grandpas: Pops and PaPa
Pops, otherwise known as Chef Billy, boiled some tasty crawfish for us! We miss having crawfish in Fort Worth. Don't worry- I brought some tails home to Clay so we can make an etouffee. He won't miss crawfish season all together!
Noah with his Grammie!
Thanks for another wonderful visit! We love coming to DeQuincy and seeing all of you! Love yall!

Happy Easter!

Noah's First Easter
a baseball basket full of goodies!
He knows this stuff is for him!
All dressed for church! Have you ever seen a cuter smile?!

PaPaw, PaPa, and GranDee's Visit

PaPaw, PaPa, and GranDee came for a visit this month. We had such a great time eating out, going to the I-Max, and just spending wonderful time together! The funniest part of the weekend was watching Noah watch the I-Max. It was about Hurricane Katrina and much of the movie was filmed in water. Noah thought he was in the bathtub and kicked and flailed his arms throughout the movie! He was very entertaining!

PaPa, Daddy, Noah, me, GranDee, and PaPaw eating at Joe T. Garcia's. Yum, yum! (You will notice Noah always has on one shoe or one sock in pictures. He just can't keep anything on his feet!)
Noah with his mommy and daddy! (one sock!)
Four generations: PaPaw, GranDee, Daddy, and Noah
Thanks for a great weekend!