Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mitchell Family Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we went on vacation to San Antonio with Pops, Grammie, Landon, Jake, KK, and Carson. We had a great time hanging out with our family at the condo, the pool, Sea World, the Zoo, and the River Walk.

We started our trip with a one-year-old birthday boy and a potty-training toddler. They both did great! We took our time and stopped several times to use the side-of-the-road bathroom. Jude got treated with a cupcake party when we arrived at the condo.

our sweet one-year-old jude

happy birthday baby!

Noah and Carson enjoyed singing "Happy Birthday" to Jude.

A cupcake and a nightly cup of milk- Jude's idea of perfection.

Jude now says "bye" when he waves at people!

The next morning we got up and headed out to a full day of Sea World. It's a good thing there were 7 adults to help push these strollers! We all took turns pushing these rides loaded down with our gear.

Carson all decked out in his shades

Mr. Serious enjoying the splash area

When I was a kid I only remember there being shows to see at Sea World. The big one being Shamu. But now there is a water park and theme park located on the grounds. We took the boys to play in a kid's water area before going to see Shamu. You would have thought they came only for this. They LOVED dunking their heads in the overflow of the water.

Jude's activity is kind of limited since he is a non-walker. But he's so easy going. He just took a ride in the stroller and would occasionally get out and play. He liked sitting in this tunnel in the splash area.

Carson was so brave. There was no pleading with him to get wet. He just ran right in and dunked his head!
That night we came home and cooked crawfish etoufee for dinner. The boys enjoyed much needed baths in the meantime.

Jude is taking after big brother and drinking bath water even with my persistent cries of "yuck".
The next morning we hung around the condo. We enjoyed the pool and the playground. The kids could have hung out there all weekend. It was so nice to relax for awhile and just enjoy being together.

That evening we went to the River Walk. Clay and I hadn't been to San Antonio since our honeymoon 5 years ago, so it was a walk down memory lane for us to see the hotel we stayed in and view the rest of the sites along the river. Besides it being incredibly hot, it was quite nice and so beautiful. We ate at Salt Grass and as you can see from the following pictures, Jude was the star of the show!
He turned all the way around in his high chair to entertain a couple across the room. He would reach behind himself to retrieve little pieces of chicken and sweet potato and then continue with his waving and clapping.

Jude posed with the couple before we left so we document their new found friendship.
On Sunday morning we treated the fathers to a yummy breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy for their big Father's Day celebration. We then headed to the zoo. We started with a picnic outside the entrance. KK and I thought it would be fun to dress the boys alike :)

Noah, Jude, and Carson ready to see the animals

All the Mitchells (minus mom who was taking the picture)

Noah and Carson checking out a leopard

Me, Clay and the boys
Have I mentioned it was hot? We took a little rest in the air-conditioned cafe and drank lots of water.

We got back to the condo that afternoon and the Fruges' came for a visit. They were on vacation in New Braunfels, so they joined us for dinner and swimming. We were so thankful to visit with Uncle Ray, Aunt Kay, Jenny, Neil, Julie, Jayme, Kyle, Jaedyn, and baby Grace.

Jenny and Jude

Jude and Grace interacting for the first time

Jayme, Julie, Mom, and Grace

Jude slept while we enjoyed grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. The sun really zapped us.
Jaedyn burrowed some of Noah's pj's so she could go swimming. She was a little hesitant at first, but then decided it was better than not swimming at all. This was hard for such a girly girl. She is such a cutie!

After seeing Shamu at Sea World the guys were always pretending they were the big dolphin in the pool, bathtub, etc. They were cracking us up doing tricks like jumping out of the water or riding Shamu, like Noah is doing in this picture.

Noah had no trouble going to sleep that night. He played so hard that he dozed off almost immediately.

And then none of us woke up until 9 a.m.!! That is unheard of in the Iles home. Never, not once since Noah has been born have we slept that late. After almost 3 years of rising early, it was so nice to sleep until we woke up!

Noah, Carson, and Jude hanging out in Grammie and Pops' bed

Our sweet Jude got to turn forward in his carseat for the car ride home. He has been so much happier now that he can see us as we ride down the road.

Noah stayed dry the whole way to San Antonio and the whole way back! Just don't ask us about #2...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Noah News!

Great news! We are on Day 4 of Potty Training with Noah! He is doing a super job. He's only had a couple of accidents. He gets one Yogo for every time he pees in the potty and two Yogos for every poop. He's had 2 successful poops so far! He got a cookie yesterday for staying dry all day. It's actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm not saying we're totally in the clear, but we are very hopeful with the progress he's made thus far.

We were out a lot yesterday and he even peed in several public potties. He still wears diapers at night and at nap time. But he's in underwear during the day. We're going on vacation with my family on Thursday, so we'll see how traveling and a day at Sea World goes. I hope we don't have any setbacks!

Jude's 1st Birthday Party

We enjoyed celebrating Jude's first birthday party a couple of weeks ago. He'll turn 1 this Thursday- June 18. Enjoy the pictures!

the birthday cake
Susan Prejean made this delicious cake. She did a great job. It fit the dump truck theme perfectly!
Jude's cake

I copied an idea I saw on a website to cover the tables in black tablecloths and put yellow crepe paper for lines in the "road". I also put out some Tonka trucks and filled the back with Oreo cookies that were put in the food processor to resemble dirt. I also filled a bowl with some Oreo cookie crumbs and some leftover gummy worms. So fun!

Jake and KK graciously offered their backyard for the party. Jake also volunteered his grilling skills for the hot dogs. I'm so thankful for their help.
My mom bought these fun dump truck sand toys. I added them to the sand table for the kids to play with.

My dad bought a big roll of Visqueen. We put this down on the ground, added sand and toys and we had an instant sand pile for the kids!

I put out water, tea, lemonade, and juice for drinks. The kid cups were these fun Sesame Street cups with lids and straws!

the food spread
Notice the fun Tonka dump truck plates and napkins. I found these at the Dollar Tree.

I made dirt pudding and put it in these cups that matched the plates and napkins. I added a gummy worm to each one for added fun! This was such a great theme to work with!

Noah enjoying dinner with his 2 cousins

the crowd of party-goers

it's cake time!

Look at that boy eat!

Yeah, he definitely got a bath after this :)

our family minus Clay
Noah helped Jude eat his cake. As if he needed any help!

This may be the cutest picture of Noah ever!

Jude opening presents

Yea for Jude! He's 1!

Grammie and Jude reading one of his new books together

It seems like yesterday, literally, that my baby was born and now he's already one :(
So much fun is in store for us. He brings such joy to our family. We can't wait to see all that God has planned for you, Jude!

We were thrilled to have the newlyweds at the party! Terry and Sara along with Amanda and Jack came from Alexandria to Jude's party. Thank y'all for coming to celebrate with us!