Saturday, March 21, 2009

spring weather

The weather has been predictable Texas weather lately. One day it's hot outside and the next- grab your jacket...and hat...and gloves. Two weeks before Spring Break it was warm and beautiful outside. Then in one day it changed to rainy, cold, and miserable. It's warm again outside- shorts, AC, and all. I prefer the warm weather myself, so I'm enjoying Spring very much so far.
Here are a few pictures of a fun day outside with Noah from several weeks ago:

sliding fun

I can't remember what he was telling me here. Apparently something was really big.

We're looking forward to having fun in our yard this Spring!

fun at the children's museum

At the beginning of the month, my family came for a visit to Fort Worth. We enjoyed visiting the Children's Museum and watching an I-Max on dinosaurs. I mostly enjoyed watching Noah and Carson play baseball with Landon and having 2 girls-only adventures with my mom and sister!
Here are some pictures of our museum fun:

jude the construction worker
noah and carson- the little grocery shoppers

carson eating a lobster

noah cooking at a campfire

clay with jude- the little astronaut