Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grammie Visits Fort Worth

We had such a great week! Grammie came to visit us in Fort Worth. We had such a wonderful visit. We miss her so much and want her to come back very soon!

If you look closely you can see Noah's new teeth! He has two on the bottom and one of the top!

Grammie gave this Leap Frog Discovery Ball to Noah for Christmas. He recently started playing with it and will very soon be reciting the alphabet. Okay, that may be quite a stretch, but we are very proud of our baby boy.

Grammie, Clay, Noah, and I ate at Uncle Julio's on Tuesday night. Yum, Yum! Noah's biggest accomplishment was knocking over Clay's coke all over both of them. His little hands are not safe around anything anymore! Look at that great smile. It melts my heart.

Noah is sitting up better each day. He is enjoying seeing the world from this view. Grammie bought this cute outfit for him during her visit.

Noah can get from the sitting position on his Boppy onto his tummy. He looks like he's floating on an intertube in the swimming pool. We can't wait until summer so we can go swimming!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Noah's Visit to Louisiana

Noah with Papa
Noah enjoyed getting to visit with both GranDee and Papa on a recent trip to Louisiana. He also loved being held by his Aunt Amanda, Uncle Clint, and Uncle T. We love you guys!

Noah was able to meet his great aunt Janell and great uncle Steve for the first time. They live in South Dakota. Thanks so much for the cute outfit. We enjoyed our visit with you very much.