Friday, April 25, 2008

ELC Art Show

Last night we attended the annual Early Learning Center Art Show and Fundraiser at University Baptist Church. This is the school that Noah goes to two times a week. Every year the center puts on an art show to raise money to buy things for the coming year and to show off what the kiddos have been working on throughout the year. Noah had art work displayed on a big bulletin board and also helped create a set of lawn chairs that were auctioned off. We were so happy to be able to bid on one of those chairs and we won the bid! So we came home with Noah's art work that we can keep for a long time. We look forward to having it around even for our grandkids and telling them the story of how their daddy helped make it!

noah's prized art work
this is his handprint on the chair :)
this picture has nothing to do with the art show, but it is what noah was doing right before getting dressed to go. clay was eating chocolate pudding and gave the rest to noah. you can see what happened from the picture :)

Family Fun

Last weekend Clay treated us by frying shrimp! We had such a good time being together outside in the good weather. It was our family celebration of Clay almost being done with school for the semester. He turned in his last paper last Friday, so only finals left to go- yea!! We're looking forward to having him around more this summer!

i tried to get a quick picture with noah before he ran off
our little food snatcher :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Houston Trip

This past weekend the whole Mitchell family went to Houston. It was so nice that we were all together with no responsibilities- no work, no school for any of us!! We were in town for my cousin Neil's wedding. We attended the outside wedding on Saturday, which was beautiful and tons of fun! On Sunday, we caught an Astros game. It was Noah's first Astros game and he seemed to enjoy all the excitement. He kept saying "ball, ball". He even left the game with a souvenir bat and ball and some pretty cool Astros tattoos.

daddy and noah enjoying seeing the astros win!

a very sleepy noah towards the end of the game. what a good grammie to take care of that sleepy boy :)

Friday, April 04, 2008

Spring Fun

clay and noah attempted to fly a kite last week. it was a very windy day, but our thomas the train kite wouldn't make it far off the ground. we'll try again soon and hopefully we can actually get it to fly!

noah got a pirate tattoo in his happy meal this week. he is super proud of it and likes to show it off to everyone. we're really wanting it to come off by sunday for church!
we ate at cracker barrel last sunday with our families. noah rode this cute caterpillar in the gift shop for a good 15 minutes. every shopper stopped to comment on our little cutie.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Big Cheese

Here are some pictures of our trip to Chuck E. Cheese!

who's having more fun here?

noah invented a new way to play skee ball. apparently you can't get kicked off a game if you're 1 and you walk up to the top to put the ball in :)

Louisiana Visit

This past weekend we visited both the Mitchell and Iles families in Louisiana. Noah of course was a huge hit. He showed off his tricks and said some of his new words. He travelled great. We continue to be so proud of our little man!
Our families fed us great! We got to eat boiled crawfish and fried fish all in the same weekend! We also had a fun trip to Chuck E. Cheese! Landon had such fun taking Noah and Carson around to all the rides and games.

the mitchell family minus grammie, the camera woman :)
we didn't think noah was quite ready for boiled crawfish, so he opted for chicken nuggets!
on the way home noah was surrounded by baby clothes for little jude. apparently, he found his way into a bag and put them all over him! i think somebody is a little jealous :)
our beautiful little boy
we actually got a family picture in- yea!