Sunday, September 21, 2008

school and bottles

What have we been up to?
Noah has been enjoying going to school 2 days a week. He brings home fun art projects almost everyday. Our fridge is quickly becoming full of his little masterpieces. I've kept them all so far, except one. When I picked him on Thursday there was a fun paper plate face in his cubby and I told him what a good job he did. I started asking him about gluing and then his teacher stepped in. She said that they started helping the girls by mistake and when they got to Noah he didn't want to do it, so he got up and went and played instead! I decided not to keep the face that his teacher really made.
Also, another funny Noah story. When I picked him up last week his teacher was laughing as I was signing him out. I looked up to see Noah holding a baby doll and his teacher said that he had been "nursing" the baby! Ha, ha! He also likes to hold the breast pump up to his chest and say "milk" at home. What a crazy kid!

This weekend I was stricken with Streph and was told I couldn't nurse Jude for 24 hours! Clay was a good daddy and fed Jude bottles during my illness. I decided to capture the moment because I'm not usually around when Jude takes a bottle. He didn't seem to like the formula at first, but them got used to it and liked it by the days end. He did seem really happy that he was able to nurse today and decided to eat quite often. Which was totally fine with me. I missed my little baby!

noah or jude?

I posted these pictures for several reasons. First of all, I wanted everyone to see how much Jude loves to play in the floor. Just like Noah, he enjoys doing his "exercises". He usually eats, then plays, and then takes a nap. The second reason I posted these pics is because I wanted everyone to see how much Jude looks like Noah when he was a baby! What do you think?
jude playing with his kick-n-crawl
noah when he was the same age playing with the kick-n-crawl
now noah is all grown up helping his baby brother push the fish to play music :(
By the way, we made it a big deal on the blog (See October 2006) when Noah learned to push the fish by himself, so.... Jude learned to push the fish this week! We think it was by accident the first time, but he did it again today. So, yea for my smart baby Jude!!

jude is 3 months

Our precious baby turned 3 months old on Thursday. He's changing and growing so fast. I wish I could make him stop!
At 3 months Jude is:
* Sleeping through the night!
* Wearing 6 month clothes and size 3 diapers!
* Smiling and cooing
* Loves to play on the floor, especially with his Kick-n-Crawl
*rolling from stomach to back
*such a happy baby!

Friday, September 19, 2008


We had Noah's and Jude's portraits taken a few weeks ago. Here are our faves:

sweet brothers
these are the most beautiful eyes
what a good baby! he didn't mind getting his picture taken at all!

Check out the rest of the pictures at: You will have to type in the customer name: ROBIN ILES. Aren't they the cutest boys?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a little bit of fort worth

A couple of Saturdays ago we visited the Fort Worth Stockyards. This was the first time we've been since Noah has been old enough to enjoy it. Noah loved seeing all the cows (moos) and the horses (neighs). Jude was asleep most of the time in the stroller, so I neglected to take any pictures of him, but he enjoyed the outing very much!

noah kept begging to ride the "neigh"
me and noah stopping to pose with big jake
this crazy balloon man made noah a horse balloon hat and then made him another one when the first one popped!

My silly boys

Here are some pictures of the boys lately... I can definitely see that I'm outnumbered in the Iles home!

I kept trying to get Noah to say "cheese" this morning to take a picture. He just got out his own "camera" and pretended to snap shots. So, this is the best picture I could get. Notice his cute orange wind pants. The weather has been cool this week so we were able to break out some of the Fall clothes. Thanks to Grammie for the cash!

Here are the Iles men brushing their teeth. Noah thinks every time someone else brushes their teeth, it's time for him to brush as well. His tooth brush sings the Thomas the Train theme song, so needless to say, we hear this annoying little tune quite often :)

Look at this smile! Doesn't it melt your heart? This baby has got some charm about him. He better be careful when he gets older or he's gonna crush some poor girl's heart!
Jude will be 3 months tomorrow! I'll include some new pictures after the big 3-month-day!
Noah is showing off this lunch bag for his first day of preschool. He started school a couple of weeks ago. He goes 2 days a week from 9-2. I sub at his school 2 times a month and get the discounted tuition. I'm so glad that it worked out for him to continue to go. Jude and I have enjoyed several playdates during this time. I also try to run all my errands these days, so that I only have to bring one kid into the store with me!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Our Fave Hurricane Evacuees

Last weekend my family came to stay with us because Calcasieu parish had a mandatory evacuation brought on by Hurricane Gustav. They were out of school and work for several days, so everyone loaded up and came to Fort Worth. Thankfully, the storm moved east and north of where they live. Now look out for Ike!

Uncle Landon and Noah wrestling in the floor
grammie and pops- look how much they love each other after almost 30 years of marriage
aunt kaykie and uncle jake
Noah has been able to say "Kaykie" for a long time, but he loved yelling out "Jake" the whole time they were here
carson and noah enjoyed eating their meals at noah's cars table
swimming at the seminary pool jude's first dip in the pool water
sweet brother noah helping jude get his piggies wet
kaykie and carson in the baby pool

A Louisiana Weekend

Two weekends ago we took a trip home to visit both of our families. Some family members had not met our newest addition and we hadn't travelled home since early June for dad's surprise 50th b-day. In 2 1/2 days we managed to visit Clint, Amanda, and Jack in Alexandria, eat dinner at KK, Jake and Carson's new house, attend my cousin's baby shower, enjoy a yummy bbq courteousy of Pops, go to church in Dry Creek, and actually get a Sunday afternoon nap!! WOW! The boys did great through it all. Everyone loved hearing Noah say all his new words and holding baby Jude and watching him smile.

jack and noah riding in the wagon
They also enjoyed playing in Jack's new room!

carson and noah watching barney, also known as "bop" to noah and "bapoo" to carson, while riding in pop's truck
grammie and aunt tiger's grandkids- Haylie, Carson, Noah, Amber, Jude, and Dean

It's rare that these kiddos are all together. My mom has 3 grandkids and so does my Aunt Tiger. My cousin, Michelle, is expecting a girl in November and that will add a fourth grandchild to my aunt's family! All the cousins and my mom enjoyed getting together for a baby shower for Michelle on Saturday.

pops scratching noah's back

This was our first trip home since Noah has been in a big boy bed. He slept in Uncle Landon's bed at my parents house. One night Pops went in and scratched Noah's back while he fell asleep. Dad used to do the same for us when we were little and now he's doing it for our kids. What a good Pops!

Papa and the boys
The boys enjoyed spending time in Dry Creek. We went to church and then spent a relaxing afternoon and evening around the house. GranDee cooked yummy meals and PaPa took both boys outside. We enjoyed visits from MeMe, The Glasers, and the Campbells. GranDee and PaPa both helped in the middle of the night when Noah was very sick :(
What a wonderful Louisiana visit!