Monday, August 27, 2007

Noah's First Drawing

Today Noah scribbled with markers on a piece of paper. I'm sure he has a bright future as an artist in Paris by the looks of this masterpiece!

Fun in the Sun

Our weather has been very hot lately, so our outside time is limited to the morning or early evening. On Saturday we had a great time together as a family. Clay grilled ribs and Noah took a wagon ride and a leisurely swim. He continues to be tons of fun. We are constantly laughing at his antics!

this is one of my favorite pictures!
he successfully climbed these steps!

Eatin' Good with the Family

A couple of weeks ago we ate lunch with some family members at Chili's when we brought Landon home. Noah really enjoyed visiting with Grammie, Pops, Aunt Kaykie, and Carson. And of course we enjoyed our visit with Uncle Landon. Thanks for taking such good care of your nephew. You were such a help to me, Landon!

Two little cuties!
My little nephew :)
Noah loves his Grammie...
... and his Pops!
The three guys hanging out in the shade.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Noah and Uncle Landon

Noah's Uncle Landon has been visiting us this week. He and Noah are big buds and have had the best time! Here are several pictures of their adventures together.

Uncle Landon reading to Noah in the car
He made the best animal sounds so Noah was really entertained!
We went to a Rangers vs. Devil Rays game on Sunday night. A Rangers official handed Noah a baseball and when I asked if it was a foul ball he simply replied, "yep". So out of Clay and Landon, some of the biggest baseball fans who have never, but always dreamed about, catching a foul ball, Noah was the one who finally got one!
Noah's very 1st MLB game (too bad it wasn't the 'Stros :)

Landon took this live action shot and wanted to share it with everyone.

Noah and Uncle Landon Part 2

Landon has been such a great help to me this week. He has been giving lots of baths and giving lots of attention to our little man. We're going to miss Uncle Landon when he leaves tomorrow. I'll have more pictures after we meet Pops, Grammie, Aunt Kaykie, and Carson and return Landon to his rightful owners!

Notice Noah is in the basket of toys instead of beside the basket of toys! I guess he has better access to them this way!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Noah's First Birthday Party!

Noah had the biggest birthday bash of the year last Saturday. He was the star of the show! Family members travelled near and far to witness this can't-miss event. Noah entertained us by destroying a chocolate cake and opening many, many presents- all during his usual naptime!
He brings great joy to our lives and we are looking forward to what the next year holds for our little man!
The 1 year old birthday boy!
Noah and his mommy :)
Half of the cake is gone! I think it's time to take it away from that boy!
The cake was so rich and Noah had eaten so much of it that at one point he just closed his eyes and kept cramming in more! He won't be having any more sweets for a long, long time!
Noah sat on the gift table so that family and friends could see him open his mound of presents!

More Party Pics

Noah and one of his many new toys. We have really enjoyed getting to play with all of them this week :)
"I am very sleepy. Can we stop opening presents and take a nap?"