Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Carson Visits Noah :)

We had a wonderful visit from the Rainwater's this weekend! Carson and Noah are getting to be such good pals. We had the best time spending time with Uncle Jake, Aunt Kaykie, and Cousin Carson. We are already looking forward to them coming back for a visit!

What a cutie! Looks like he's already an LSU fan!
Notice how the boys have their arms around each other :)
Our waitress gave Noah a ball of dough to play with while we were waiting. What a good idea- homemade playdough!
Carson ate his supper too while we enjoyed Mexican food! The Whole Gang enjoying Uncle Julio's!! Yum, yum!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cool Man

We have had cooler, fall-like weather the last couple of days, so we're breaking out the pants. Noah has his cool jeans, a polo and some tennis shoes on today. Talk about a cool looking baby!

Noah's First Haircut

Noah got his first haircut Saturday at Cool Cuts 4 Kids. His hair was looking very mullet-ish, which Clay loves, but mommy does not. So out came the scissors and off came the baby hair. He looks very big kid-ish with his new do!

The before- a.k.a The Mullet
Noah got to sit in a cool fire truck and watch the movie- Cars- while Mrs. Beth did her thang.

And The After- a.k.a The Big Boy Haircut!

I Walk the Line

Noah successfully took his first steps on Sunday, September 2! He first walked from Aunt Kaykie to Grammie in the living room. Then he did it several more times in the kitchen. He takes about 3 steps at a time right now. He's really getting the hang of it! (Sorry the video is sideways- I couldn't get it to turn around :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Grandma Day

While staying in Louisiana, Noah spent a whole day with his 2 grandmas, 2 great-grandmas and his Uncle Landon. They went to the Children's Museum and to run in the sprinklers. Everyone that saw them were surprised that 4 grown women were accompanying one little boy! As you can see, Noah enjoyed all the attention!

Future Citgo worker- Just like Pops :)
or Firefighter...
... or news anchor
all the grandmas

Noah's First Overnight Stay

Last weekend Noah made his first overnight stay ever at Grammie and Pops' house. Clay and I were in a wedding in Arkansas, so Noah spent the weekend in Louisiana. We missed him so much, but he only wanted Grammie when we showed up! He did wow us when we got there by taking his first steps! ( video to come soon :)

Noah "talked" on the phone to "ma-ma" while we were gone! Aunt Kaykie and Uncle Jake with both babies. Look how big Carson is!
Noah was happy to see Uncle Terry. We hadn't seen him since graduation in May!
Noah's trying to show Carson how to use his Jumperoo. What a good little teacher!