Monday, November 24, 2008

jude is 5 months!

Jude turned 5 months on Tuesday, November 18. Wow! It's hard to believe he's already 5 months. The other day I had to call in and make his 6 month well visit. Shocking! I know soon he'll be sitting up better and eating more foods. Then crawling, walking, talking...
This encourages me to enjoy each precious moment I have with my growing boys.
At 5 months Jude is:
*eating rice cereal
*rolling from back to stomach and stomach to back
*preferring to roll to his tummy for sleeping
*enjoying lots of tummy time during the day
*enjoying playing with his feet
*teething :( one bottom tooth has broke through finally :)
*sleeping about 10-11 hours at night
*sleeping about 5-6 hours during the day
*sitting up with support
*a happy and laid-back baby

can you see his 1st tooth? it broke through last wednesday!
here he is trying to sit up

Thursday, November 20, 2008

locked out...and then locked in

This post was composed by Robin with the witty comments by Clay.
On Saturday we were getting ready to go shopping. When Clay went to get his shoes from our bedroom closet he noticed the door was locked. We thought maybe it was just hard to open because of the child-proof lock thingies (we're still trying to figure those things out!). Apparently though Noah had locked the door from the inside and had shut the door as he was leaving. So there we were, all on the outside of the door with our shoes and coats on the inside. We couldn't get inside. We couldn't go anywhere.
The unlocksmithically-inclined Clay tried to pick the lock with a coat hanger. But alas! It was to no avail. Clay's next genius idea (he's giving input here; i'm not trying to say bad things about my honey :) was to unscrew the knob from the outside and try to get in using the screw driver. He wound up knocking both sides of the door knob off with the shank still in the lock position. After much toil and trouble Clay had to suck up his pride and call Campus Security. After much toil of his own, Officer Larry managed to get us into the room.
We all (excluding Jude) went into the bedroom to get the aforementioned shoes and coats. The door had been opened for less than a minute, so obviously we had not disengaged the lock...yet. Upon entering the room Noah thought he would be helpful and shut the door behind us. No more than 30 seconds after being locked out we were now locked in. Jude was patiently waiting on the other side, strapped in his carrier. Of course our only option was to use my cell phone to call the heroic officer Larry, again. He unlocked our front door which we had locked behind him when he left the first time! He then opened the door to our bedroom for the 2nd time, freeing us from our cell. Of course immediately Clay removed all remaining parts of the door knob. We requested a new door knob which cannot be locked! (The old one was severely mangled from Clay's attempts to get us out of the bedroom while awaiting Officer Larry's return.)
Knowing the meddling child we have maybe we should be worried that there is still a lock on the bathroom door!

the infamous door

Monday, November 17, 2008

Noah the Theologian

Clay and I have noticed that Noah's heart is beginning to be softened towards things of God. Last week I was reading my bible outside while Noah was playing. He came to me and said, "I wanna read my bible." Who am I to say no to a question like that? So, we went inside and found his little blue bible to bring outside with him. I sat in my chair and finished reading the book of Titus while Noah sat beside me and "read" his bible. We pray often that Noah will be saved at a young age. It's such a privilege to be Noah and Jude's mommy and to watch my boys learn to love Jesus and His Word.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

News about Noah

Well, 2-year-olds are busy. Need I say more?

noah reading his "roar book" (dinosaur book) to elmo
trying on daddy's clothes

the block of cheese after noah ate a huge chunk out of it

As active as this boy is we love him all the same. He definitely makes life so much fun!

Friday, November 07, 2008

rice cereal

Jude starting eating rice cereal last Friday night. It seemed like it took forever for Noah to get to this stage. I remember I called Noah's pediatrician before he was even 4 months old and asked if I could give him rice cereal. I mean the kid was almost 20 pounds!! But I was in such a rush for Noah to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, talk, etc. Now I just want my boys to slow down. I love each stage they are in at the time, but they just don't stay babies very long :(

all prepped and ready for trying rice cereal for the first time
(the cute bib was a gift from my Aunt Kay :)

"I don't like it mama."

"Or maybe I do- give me some more!"

"I'll just eat my bib instead."

all done and ready for bed

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

a visit from papa and dee

We had a wonderful visit with PaPa and Dee this weekend. Notice that GranDee is now shortened to "Dee". Noah has decided that Dee fits better (or is easier to say :) so we've made the switch. People often say that grand kids get to pick the names of their grandparents anyway!
papa, dee, noah, and jude
dee and jude- all ready for church

noah looking at a CD that his great PaPa Clayton made
It was hard to explain to Noah that the CD was made by his PaPa's PaPa!

dee and noah reading together

Thanks PaPa and Dee for a great visit!

naps and coffee

These shots are from Friday. Clay came by for a short visit during the work day. He had to come to Fort Worth for his boss and surprised me with a Starbucks drink! Noah got up from his nap, saw the remnants of the whipped cream, and had a blast! Here he is slurpping up the last drops of goodness.

Jude has been taking his afternoon nap couch-side as of lately. Why you might ask? Because a certain brother likes to climb in his crib. I always have to make sure Noah is good and asleep before putting Jude down at night. His morning nap is safe because Noah plays in other rooms in the house, but the afternoon nap is the issue. Oh well, Jude seems pretty happy with the situation. Here he is waking up from one such nap.