Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chef Noah

Noah has been quite insistent with "helping" with all the chores lately. He likes to put dirty clothes in the dryer and his toys in the trash. Last night he helped Clay by cooking hamburgers. He's actually not that bad of a cook. He just needs to grow a few feet before he can start making supper regularly!

* As a side note, Noah's daily paper from school reported that he had been talkative that day. It's quite funny to see that adjective circled about our 18 month old!


Megan said...

he is precious! wish we could see you guys!

Anonymous said...


I can't wait until you can cook for me. I miss you!!


pops said...


Keep up the good work cooking. Mom will need all the help in the near future.
I think you need a personalized apron like Pop has!!